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When Someone Just Hates Guns

I love telling people what I do. Firearms instruction is a really rewarding job on many levels. Because I treasure my right to own and carry a gun, I am committed to teaching as many people as possible to do the same. One way to keep a right from being infringed is to make sure it is popular…politicians like to be re-elected, and they are less likely to go after something that will make the electorate unhappy. There is also a great deal of pleasure to be had in watching someone realize that, not only can they learn how to Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 5

One last piece of advice that should be addressed concerns the often-heard admonition to say nothing at all in the immediate aftermath of a defensive shooting. It’s not really good advice…but it’s not bad, either. Some things need to be said, but you need to be very careful about what you say. There are several views on what to say, and what follows is only one opinion. It might not fit every scenario, but hopefully it will at least get you thinking carefully about the repercussions of what you do and do not say. First Things First The immediate moments Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 2

It seems everyone has a word of advice for any situation one might face, and this includes the unlikely but complicated possibility of a defensive shooting. Unfortunately, not all advice is equal. Just because it sounds good, or comes from someone who appears confident and intelligent, does not mean it is actually good advice. Shoot Until He’s Dead I hear this one a lot. I don’t think it grows out of some sort of bloodthirsty desire to kill anyone, but rather out of a fear that the assailant will manage to inflict harm on you after you thought he was Read More […]