Choosing your Guns and Gear, Part One

There is a ton of gear out there….firearms, support equipment, and accessories. I love it. The smorgasbord of items I can choose from is a delight to me. Of course, “Buyer Beware” is important to remember, and you have to do your research. A certain amount of what is out there turns out to be garbage- most of us own at least one holster that seemed to be a good idea at the time, and wound up being no use at all. The same goes for flashlights, belts, slings, and even the guns themselves. On top of the obvious junk, Read More […]

When Someone Just Hates Guns

I love telling people what I do. Firearms instruction is a really rewarding job on many levels. Because I treasure my right to own and carry a gun, I am committed to teaching as many people as possible to do the same. One way to keep a right from being infringed is to make sure it is popular…politicians like to be re-elected, and they are less likely to go after something that will make the electorate unhappy. There is also a great deal of pleasure to be had in watching someone realize that, not only can they learn how to Read More […]

Are You a Prepper?

What image does the word “prepper” conjure up in your mind? Do you imagine a wide-eyed fanatic crouched in an underground bunker, surrounded by bins of unappetizing dried food? You wouldn’t be alone. Television has encouraged that stereotype, and (hopefully) we all know that television is not a particularly accurate source of information. On anything. You are Already a Prepper Don’t believe me? Think about it. All prepping means is having enough supplies on hand to get you through a time those things become unavailable. Look in your pantry- do you have enough food in there for a week, or Read More […]

Loaded for Bear

For those of us who live or travel in the countryside, the phrase “loaded for bear” is a good one to study and understand. The tactics and ammunition that can defend against a human antagonist are not the best choices for a large aggressive animal, and when you are in bear country, you need to load for bear. Or moose, or whatever else your part of the country offers for big bad beasts. I often hike to abandoned mines with a couple of my friends, and we occasionally see bears. Only once has a bear made any move toward us, Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 5

One last piece of advice that should be addressed concerns the often-heard admonition to say nothing at all in the immediate aftermath of a defensive shooting. It’s not really good advice…but it’s not bad, either. Some things need to be said, but you need to be very careful about what you say. There are several views on what to say, and what follows is only one opinion. It might not fit every scenario, but hopefully it will at least get you thinking carefully about the repercussions of what you do and do not say. First Things First The immediate moments Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 4

A lot of terrible advice gets tossed around in life – some of it, if followed, will only cause minor or temporary trouble. But sometimes the advice is so misguided that the results of following it could be catastrophic. Drag Him Back Inside “If someone is breaking into your house through the window and he falls outside, drag his body back through the window.” This advice is offered because of the assumption that, should the body of the bad guy be lying outside your house, the investigating authorities will decide you didn’t have the legal right to shoot him in Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 3

Advice about self-defense, while usually given with good intentions, sometimes comes from people who are uninformed or who have not thought situations through to their logical conclusions. Just Shoot Him in the Arm or Leg In the annals of bad advice, this recommendation seems most common when the advice is given by people who are inexperienced with firearms or are simply uncomfortable with the idea of anyone defending themselves with lethal force. There are a surprising number of people who hope and believe the threat will simply go away with minimal encouragement – and in fact, it might. There are Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 2

It seems everyone has a word of advice for any situation one might face, and this includes the unlikely but complicated possibility of a defensive shooting. Unfortunately, not all advice is equal. Just because it sounds good, or comes from someone who appears confident and intelligent, does not mean it is actually good advice. Shoot Until He’s Dead I hear this one a lot. I don’t think it grows out of some sort of bloodthirsty desire to kill anyone, but rather out of a fear that the assailant will manage to inflict harm on you after you thought he was Read More […]

Bad Advice Part 1

I have heard them all myself – the bad ideas people like to share with others. The problem is that these bad ideas don’t always sound bad at first – sometimes they have a certain logic to them that can fool the listener into thinking they are actually good ideas. No, I am not talking about politics (although a lot of bad ideas masquerading as good ones find their way into that field) – I am talking about what to do if you are ever involved in a defensive shooting. Something that seems to make sense at first glance could Read More […]

Off-Body Carry Part 3

When you have to carry your firearm in a handbag, briefcase or backpack, there are many things to consider. Beyond all of the issues of safety in an off-body carry situation, one also needs to consider the practicality of the method. It is astonishing to me how many people I know carry using one of these methods, yet have never practiced drawing and firing from a bag. They would likely be surprised by how difficult it is to do so, and by how long it takes them.                                                               When You Need it, You Need it Fast I have seen many Read More […]