first steps


            The FIRST (Firearms Instruction, Responsibility and Safety Training) Steps course is an NRA-designed and certified course suitable for people with little or no experience with handguns, or for those who have some experience but are unsure of their knowledge of technique or of safety standards. Unlike the Basic Pistol course, only one type of firearm will be worked with, either a revolver or a semi-automatic, and all live-fire exercises will be done with that firearm. This four-hour course will introduce students to guidelines for safe handling of firearms, range rules, gun construction and function, shooting fundamentals, and an overview of different ammunition types and their functions. After a period of classroom instruction, students will move to the range and practice shooting the firearm from both a bench-rest and a standing position. They will then be shown how to clean and maintain the gun. Instructors will also talk about some local opportunities for developing shooting ability.